Heart Start

Heart Start is the first phase of the orientation process for new students at Henderson State University. All first-time freshmen who are fully admitted are required to attend Heart Start. Each Heart Start session is a one-day event (8 a.m-5 p.m.) allowing you to get REDDIE for your college career! You will have the opportunity to register for fall classes, have questions answered, and take care of important business, such as financial aid and on-campus housing. This is also your opportunity to meet the administration, faculty, staff, and other new students at Henderson. 

Registration Opens March 1 at Noon

Admitted students will receive a text and email with a registration link.

2020 Sessions

Thursday, June 4
Monday, June 8
Tuesday, June 9
Thursday, June 11
Monday, June 22
Tuesday, June 23
Thursday, June 25
Monday, July 13
Tuesday, July 14
Thursday, July 16

What can I do at Heart Start?

日本一道本一二三区视频_一区二区三区高清视频_日本一本到道一区免费During each Heart Start session new students will have the opportunity to do the following:

  • Register for Classes with their Professional Advisor
  • Meet with a Financial Aid Representative
  • Get their Henderson ID and Parking Decal
  • Sign-up for Henderson's Rave Alert System
  • Sign-up for Henderson Email
  • Socialize with Current and Future Henderson Students
  • Visit Your Assigned Residence Hall

Schedule Coming Soon