Campus Safety

Mental Health Crisis

Immediately report if you witness behavior or receive a credible report that a student:

  • Has a mental health or other medical issue that is negatively affecting conduct or academic performance
  • May posess a risk to himself/herself or to others
  • Is excessively disruptive within the learning environment (beyond normal classroom management challenges)
  • Is excessively disruptive within the living environment

The level of concern will dictate where you report the behavior.

  • If behavior is just strange or worrisome, e-mail the HSU Behavioral Intervention Team at
  • If the behavior is disruptive to educational process (but not violent or threatening), call HSU Police Department at 870-230-5098 for assistance.
  • If the behavior is violent or threatening, call 911.  Do not attempt to restrain student or continue to conduct class or office operations.  Follow the “Run, Hide, Fight” protocol found in the “Active Shooter/Violent Behavior” section of this guidebook.

日本一道本一二三区视频_一区二区三区高清视频_日本一本到道一区免费When in doubt, consult with on-campus resources to discuss your concerns about a student.

  • Counseling Center – 870-230-5640
  • Student Health & Counseling Center – 870-230-5102
  • Dean of Students – 870-230-5420