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Janice O'Donnell
Assistant Professor of Chemistry & Director of Henderson Seminar
Phone Number: 870-230-5118
HSU Box: 7551
Email: odonnej@badgebuddypro.com
Office: Reynolds 315
Jacquline Olmedo
Administrative Specialist II
Phone Number: 870-230-5135
HSU Box: 7534
Email: olmedoj@badgebuddypro.com
Office: Womack 210B
Ginger Otwell
Institutional Research Associate
Phone Number: 870-230-5458
HSU Box: 7580
Email: otwellg@badgebuddypro.com
Office: Womack 211A
Tanishia Owens
Graduate Assistant
Family and Consumer Sciences
Phone Number: 870-230-5260
HSU Box: 7724
Email: owenst@badgebuddypro.com
Office: Education Center 134