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Kelci Garza
Director of Out-of-State Recruitment Initiatives
Enrollment Services and Admissions
Phone Number: 870-230-5526
HSU Box: 7560
Email: garzak@badgebuddypro.com
Office: Womack 102G
Brian George
Assistant Librarian/Electronic Resources & Web
Phone Number: 870-230-5376
HSU Box: 7541
Email: georgeb@badgebuddypro.com
Office: Huie
Greg Gibson
Assistant Professor of English
English, Foreign Languages, and Philosophy
Phone Number: 870-230-5058
HSU Box: 7673
Email: gibsonp@badgebuddypro.com
Office: McBrien 126
Douglas Gilpin
Professor of Theatre Arts
Communication and Theatre Arts
Phone Number: 870-230-5338
HSU Box: 7822
Email: gilpin@badgebuddypro.com
Office: Arkansas Hall 223
Talisha Givan
Associate Professor of Curriculum and Instruction/Director of Teacher Education Admissions/Clinical Experiences
Curriculum and Instruction
Phone Number: 870-230-5187
HSU Box: 7621
Email: givant@badgebuddypro.com
Office: Education Center 213
Kristi Glass
Education Specialist
Disability Resource Center
Phone Number: 870-230-5473
HSU Box: 7594
Email: glassk@badgebuddypro.com
Office: Foster 112
Paul Glover
Communication and Theatre Arts
Phone Number: 870-230-5215
HSU Box: 7582
Email: gloverp@badgebuddypro.com
Office: Arkansas Hall 218
Lynn Glover-Stanley
Professor/Chair, Health,Physical Education, and Recreation
Health, Physical Education, and Recreation
Phone Number: 870-230-5200
HSU Box: 7552
Email: stanlel@badgebuddypro.com
Office: Wells 210M
Paula Golden
Administrative Specialist I
Advanced Instructional Studies
Phone Number: 870-230-5335
HSU Box: 7770
Email: goldenp@badgebuddypro.com
Office: Education Center 247
Christopher Golston
Student Services Counselor
University Counseling and Student Health Center
Phone Number: 870-230-5639
HSU Box: 7620
Email: golstoc@badgebuddypro.com
Office: Mooney 102
Geoff Gough
Graduate Assistant
Residence Life
Phone Number:
HSU Box: 7533
Email: goughg@badgebuddypro.com
Chelsea Goza
Assistant Director, Center for Student Excellence
School of Business
Phone Number:
HSU Box: 7801
Email: gozac@badgebuddypro.com
Office: Mooney 140
John Graves
Henley Professor of American History
Social Sciences
Phone Number: 870-230-5248
HSU Box: 7793
Email: gravesj@badgebuddypro.com
Office: McBrien 209D
Zakary Gray
Computer Technician
Information Technology Services
Phone Number: 870-230-5587
HSU Box: 7732
Email: grayz@badgebuddypro.com
Office: Foster 205
John Greene
Assistant Professor of Business
School of Business
Phone Number: 870-230-5065
HSU Box: 7801
Email: greenej@badgebuddypro.com
Office: Mooney 211C
Anne Greenwood
Adjunct Faculty
Phone Number:
HSU Box:
Email: greenwa@badgebuddypro.com
Caleb Grisham
Adjunct Faculty
School of Business
Phone Number:
HSU Box: 7801
Email: grishac@badgebuddypro.com
Matthew Gross
Assistant Professor Political Science
Social Sciences
Phone Number: 870-230-5597
HSU Box: 7562
Email: grossm@badgebuddypro.com
Office: McBrien 201C
Wal Gudrian
Associate Professor of Foreign Languages
English, Foreign Languages, and Philosophy
Phone Number: 870-230-5354
HSU Box: 7771
Email: gudriaw@badgebuddypro.com
Office: McBrien 141